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Portable appliance testing

What is a Portable Appliance Test?

A Portable Appliance Test or PAT ensures that electrical equipment is safe to use and is fit for purpose. Any piece of equipment that is connected to the mains socket through a plug is considered to be a portable appliance however items fixed and connected though a switch spur fuse i.e. hand driers etc should also be tested.

Inspect-n-Check recommend that businesses, landlords and Letting Agents schedule regular electrical maintenance checks in order to provide a safe environment for staff, customers and tenants. PAT Scheduling is dependant on the evaluation of your current Risk Assessment and Maintenance Schedules. If you have not formulated a PAT schedule and require assistance, then we can produce an appropriate schedule on your behalf.

Our Technicians

Our portable appliance tester’s use our procedure designed to follow the guidelines set out by the Institute of Electrical Engineers that thoroughly test the safety of all your appliances.

When testing it is necessary to unplug devices, and power down computers etc for clients who need to keep systems working we are happy to provide our services at weekends.

What is involved in Portable Appliance Testing?

  • Visual inspection:-
  • Damage to the cord, plug and casing, incorrectly wired plug or rated fuse.
  • Tests depend on the type of equipment and can include:-
  • Earth continuity, insulation resistance, polarity test, earth leakage.
  • Operational and functional tests:-
    Test the operation and function of the appliance.

Appliances are then labelled with the result of the test.

Testing FOR Microwaves

The testing of microwaves involves checking the safety interlock switches and the door seals for any signs of damage and then measuring the radiation levels around the oven using microwave detection equipment to ensure compliance with legal limits to: BS EN 60335-2-90 2006 Safety of Household Electrical Appliances BS EN 60335-2-25 2002 Requirements for Microwave Ovens.

PAT for Landlords and Estate/Letting Agents

Portable Appliance testing is a small price to pay to ensure the equipment you provide and allow tenants to use, is actually safe. The alternative could be far more costly and result in your property being damaged or worse, a personal injury or death to a tenant.

An event occurred recently in Cornwall when a faulty electric radiator caused the water pipes to become live with an electrical current, killing a 33 year old mum. Full Story by ThisisCornwall.co.uk.

Had this property been tested using a BESAVI test and Portable Appliance Tests this tragedy would not have happened. A duty of care exists that requires landlords and estate agents to ensure the safety of electrical appliances left in their properties for tenants. You are extremely likely to be held legally liable for damage and personal injury resulting from unsafe appliances.

Ensure it does not happen to you! CONTACT US today to schedule your test.

Our testing includes all portable appliances, washing machines, dishwashers, ovens, hobs, integrated or free standing central heating boilers, emersions cylinders and water heaters, electric showers, fixed wall heaters, RCD and socket testing.

Portable Appliance Testing is not only a fundamental method of ensuring that your electrical appliances are fit for purpose, safe to use and allow you to prove you have met your legal obligations, but it also gives your tenants peace of mind in their homes and offices. The regulations on electrical appliances for landlords and letting agents can be seen on our, "Legal Requirements" page.

The Electrical Equipment (Safety) Regulations 1994, state that any electrical appliances supplied with rented/let furnished/unfurnished accommodation must be safe. This covers all electrical items supplied and intended for use by the Tenant. By scheduling regular Portable Appliance Testing landlords and letting agents can be sure that these appliances are safe and fit for purpose.